T在这里 are many advantages of preserving essential nutrients for your farm animals.The solutions help farmers to maximize their profit levels by preserving the essential nutrients and how it improves performance and value.

The nutritional value of treated products remains high with improved taste and structure, while at the same time possible mold and yeast growth is controlled. The method is not weather-dependent and also reduces the risk of dust problems that often arise when handling feed. ProMyr™ offers three solutions to preserve you nutrients in 咯, silage or grain with ProMyr™咯, ProMyr™青贮饲料 and ProMyr™卷边. 

ProMyr™ solutions offer:

  • Decrease heat generation during ensiling
  • Decrease protein breakdown
  • Save sugar for the lactic acid bacteria
  • Prevent heat generation and nutritional breakdown during opening process and feeding
  • Prevent mold and toxin formation



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